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Starving for Content

I think you will spend 104 seconds reading this post

So hi, and welcome to the revamped DanMcCollum.com. Previously, this site was a portfolio site, but it was really more a placeholder, since it rarely found itself updated. I intend to change that.

I recently began working at an excellent company called Appiction in Austin, TX (www.appiction.com), doing iPhone development. However, I’ve been in mobile game development since its early beginnings, as a QA tester and level designer as far back as 2007. While that might not sound like it was so long ago, recall the original iPhone was released in June of 2007, and the actual Apple App Store didn’t launch until the next year – in fact, I recall having active conversations with people back when the iPhone came out wondering whether developing for the iPhone was going to be a wise direction to angle toward or whether we should stick with Java/BREW development.

Prior to that, I was working to hack my way into the game industry in the AAA division, prior to the PS3 and XBox 360 generation of consoles, and as a writer in the movie industry. I graduated after returning to school in 2008 from UC Santa Barbara (www.ucsb.edu) with a degree in Film & Media Studies and worked as a freelance designer for iOS games and apps the entire time until I finished my degree in 2009.

This is an exciting time in the game industry, and especially in the mobile arena. I look forward to documenting the developments in the industry and its various facets, and the ever-changing face of PC and console gaming in its wake.

Bear with me as I figure out exactly what I want this site to look like and be! I’m working on doing some layout things and I’ve posted a couple of articles that I originally wrote for Examiner.com last year as a bit of added content, but moving forward, I want my posts to be a bit less restrained than I had to be when I wasn’t writing for myself.

So there you go. Have fun. 🙂

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