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Game Design

My game design work consists of meeting with various team members to bring a consistent, coherent and ultimately fun vision to an end-game. My job on these projects consisted of extensive documentation, down to the smallest details not only in gameplay, but in full application function (such as menus and credits). Where necessary, I provided diagrams and code snippets to illustrate my vision. Additionally, through development, I have been responsible for communicating with various departments as necessary to answer questions or alter design as we receive feedback.

Lead Design Work:

Congo Jam (Studio IL, iPhone) – A Simon-style memory game utilizing music and the multi-tap interfaceof the iPhone.

Polaria Chronicles: Twin Cannons (Studio IL, iPhone) – A fast-paced action game using tower defense elements. (In Production)

Super Spin the Bottle Extreme (Studio IL, iPhone) – A 2-in-1 game based around motion controls for the iPhone. Includes a spin the bottle game and a game called “Shake it Up” where you shake the iPhone as fast as possible to shoot off a world-beating geyser of soda.

EarthRush (CGTalk, iPhone) – In production currently. A side-scrolling action shooter with tower defense elements, amazing art and surprising depth.

Additional Design Work:

Afterworld (Javaground, Mobile Java Platforms) – Responsible for level design and scripting on the Afterworld video game. Published by Sony Interactive.

Strike Force Psi (Starlit Sky Games, XBox Live Marketplace) – Consulted on design.

Lady Samurai (Digital Mechanics, XBox 360) – Responsible for full design duties on this unreleased title in conjunction with Fastlane Films.

World Design

For these projects, I was responsible for working with a team or a single other person to take an idea from a brief description or full summary into a full-blown document containing
a breakdown of characters, a summary of the story as it would break down in beats or chapters, special elements of the world itself that were different than Earth in modern times and stylistic elements that were required by the artists.
I also worked directly with artists to ensure that the team vision was executed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Manga/Comic Books:

Brand Name (Studio IL)

Child of War (Studio IL)

ChronoCrash! (Studio IL)

Makata Saga (Studio IL)

Adomant (Studio IL)*

Video Games:

Polaria Chronicles: Steam Jetz (Starlit Sky Games)

Unnamed Children’s Project (Studio IL)

Lady Samurai: City of Angels (Fastlane Films)

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