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Professional Comic/Manga Work:

(Excerpts reprinted with permission when necessary.)

ChronoCrash! Chapter 0 (excerpt)

ChronoCrash! Chapter 1 (excerpt)

“Makata Saga” (sample panel)

Professional Television Writing:

“Lady Samurai: City of Angels”* 8 episodes (pilot episdode)

Professional Film Writing:

“Polaria Chronicles“, Feature Film, writing in progress (excerpt)

“The Outcasts” Feature Film, script advisor

Professional Non-Fiction Writing:

“Fitness For America” book and ebook, editor

Additional Selected Samples:

Politico! web comic (site) (sample 1, sample 2, sample 3)

CO2: Class of 2000 (3 webisodes)

Neruda: Fable of the Mermaid & The Drunks (poetry video script)

Tool – The Patient (music video script)

Alone, Together (excerpt)

Spec Scripts:

The Office – The Tickets (episode)

Reno 911! – Professor Power (episode)

Full works and non-professional writing samples/full work available upon request, pending permission.

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