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This page is a list of products and projects I’ve worked on and my role in those projects:

In addition to these listed projects, I completed a number of unlisted projects while with Quotient Solutions, in Austin, TX, and with Cerebral Fix, in New Zealand.

Project Name Platform Role Link
Smart Cart iPhone, Web Lead Design (UI/UX)
Qliq iPhone, Android Lead Design (UI/UX)
Barrel Horse Racing iPhone Lead Design (UI/UX)
EarthRush iPhone Lead Design
Nexersys iPhone Lead Design
The Lollipop Guild iPhone Lead Design, Development, Art
Brick Invaders! iPad Lead Design, Development, Art
Congo Jam iPhone Lead Design
Super Spin the Bottle Extreme iPhone Lead Design
Tic Tac Throwdown Tabletop RPG Lead Design N/A
Strike Force Psi Xbox Live Marketplace Lead Design
Afterworld Java/BREW Level Design
Aisle Mapper iPhone Art
Advice iPhone Art
Ache Break iPhone, iPad Art
Bowl Mate iPhone Art
Hiccup Begone iPhone Art
Where’s the Party?! iPhone Art
Wanna Be a Wizard? iPhone, iPad Art
PC 2 Mac iPhone Art
Sweet Baby iPhone Art
Look For iPhone Art
nFlight iPhone Art
AvidNurse iPhone Art
Pause iPhone Art
iLadiesNight iPhone Art
iGrowHerb iPhone Art
FairCabNYC iPhone Art
Simplified Chinese Flash Cards iPhone Art
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